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Daily delights

July 16, 2007

So Many things…

1) Ratt/Poison In OKC zoo amphitheatre this past Saturday.
Past Monday 2) Signed up on
Past Wednesday 3) signed up on

2000 men, one needed. *sigh*

More on all later.

Daily delights

May 31, 2007

Game Over, now what

August 21st, 1986 – May 31, 2007

Okay, now what happens?

Daily delights

May 30, 2007

“Lifeus Interuptis”

Well, I haven’t exactly made it back to this site very frequently. I have been busy with on-going daily “lifeus interuptis”. I’m not going into exactly what yet. The work front is pushing forward, but less stressful now that some major issues have been worked through. Hopefully, things will stay on track and we will be on the upswing soon. All Work, Work, Work, and no play is making me bitchy.

Our three day weekend was more like Work from 9 -3 shower, have dinner and games with friends, repeat, daily. It was fun, but so structured and not relaxing, that all the fun actually felt like work. I need a non-thinking holiday. That would be fabulous. That would be a fantasy too, because I tend to need to tend to the details. (Yes, I know. Read it very slowly, out loud.)

Oh well, I have been staring at the walls of the living room again, and I am ready to paint. I have the paint; I have all tools necessary for the job. I don’t want to deal with the tarp, ladder, cat paws (little helpers!), or taping the trim. But really, besides all that I’m ready to go. I also need to paint the hall, the stairs, and the upstairs game room. Woo Hoo. This may not happen as soon as was hoped by the people who are not doing it. Ah house chores; never ending little paycheck diversions to keep life interesting.

On a different note all together, I read several blogs. Okay, I read about 20 but who’s counting? And who’s not blogging everyday? And quit looking at me like that. Anyways, as I was saying so eloquently, I read several blogs. And last week was a crappy week for my on-line “friends”. I don’t mean the little piss ant obstacles of daily life. I mean genuinely crappy life changing information was given to them each about themselves or their families.
For instance, one of them, and I WON’T name names, found out she had cancer, again. It’s skin cancer and is currently “easily removed”, by cutting chunks of her skin out. But this has sent her into a panic about every spot on her body. I understand this.

Tangent ~ my father died of Metastatic Melanoma, skin cancer the got into the cell structures and spread throughout his body. My Father was a very white man, Blond hair, blue eyes, and Cherokee Indian. My Mom is Lebanese. This is important because of a little thing called Melanin in our skin. I have an “olive-complexion”, when I manage to see daylight in the same year you look at me. Otherwise, I am day-glow white, with potential to look Greek. But I digress, when my father was first diagnosed they removed everything with a scalpel, remission, 5 years goes by and Bam it’s back with a vengeance. And of course, during this time my family goes into hyper drive. All of this started with a mole/birthmark my father had since BIRTH. And guess what, my brother has the EXACT same mole/birthmark, in the same damn place. Well my Father lost the second battle. But I started looking at my body and noticing every spot I had. Then I noticed a very small mark on my arm that I would have swore changed shape, color density, EVERYTHING!!!! I of course went to the doctor and told him “Please remove this.” He said “you people don’t get skin cancer.” I’m the wrong type. I informed him I didn’t give damn about his opinion, my FATHER just died of this and I want it gone. Relieve my stress, NOW. He did, we did and then I found out something very interesting. All my aunts and some of my uncles on my father’s side of the family regularly have these spots removed. REGULARLY.
~You should have your skin checked too.

Uh, back to topic. Any way everything about me looked different and I know she is looking at herself this way because it is Cancer and she’s scared. She’s scared of the unknown future. She didn’t know the future last week, but this week it has lost some gloss. She’s worried about her children and family, and really everything. Also, this is an unpredictable type of thing. It could be remove the spots and everything is good, or it could be more. But the doctors don’t know why, or how to prevent it, or how to stop it. Basically, this is Lifeus Interuptis.

I mentioned 2 bloggers. The other one I mention because it is really life altering as well. Well, it will make you take a different path and hopefully it will be just as rewarding. He found out that his child had Autism. This is a very small child under 3. And wanting to be the helpful “Internet friend” we all want to be when lurking, I did a little research on Autism. To try and help him find “meaning”, or cause, or something, to help get through this difficult period of his family’s journey. And I found out, that “they” don’t know what causes Autism, “they” each diagnose it differently, there are no standards to gauge it, and that there is no “cure”. And that it is on the rise in the US since the middle of the 90′s because they redefined it in the medical journals. Basically, they don’t know what IT is. IT has varying levels, IT has no cure (they can’t cure IT if they don’t know what IT is), and there is nothing to do but alter the development plan for the person. In other words, you must now change your plans to meet the child’s path for development. I think this is what you have to do anyway but now your child has a label and a reason to not have to perform at a predetermined level. This will undoubtedly affect the way he and his wife plan and navigate his future. Lifeus Interuptis.

Tangent ~ But teachers are already doing this to children in the US, with the drug called Ritalin. There is no way in HELL that all of a sudden every child who ever attended elementary school is being diagnosed (by their teachers) with ADD or ADHD. Remember when we were kids and your parents said “Oh so and so is hyper active, or YOU had too much sugar and look at all that energy”, well the solution to that generation of parents and every generation that came before then, was to spank the kid and tell him to settle down. But teachers today don’t have a patience level to deal with children who show up in their classrooms and misbehave. They can’t spank them, they can’t threaten them with their parent’s disapproval, and they have NO tools to teach the children. Schools are not free daycare for the parents. ~

There are other blogs that I read but their major life changes didn’t happen last week. They are on-going. The bloggers I enjoy the most are real people, just walking through life with different obstacles in the way and deflecting what they can, when they can. It is kind of rare to actually read through someone’s perfect day, or to not feel tempted to write about what is really grousing you. I haven’t been entirely willing to share my life yet, and I don’t know that there are aspects of it that I will ever share. Humiliating stuff, broken heart stuff, you know the stuff that gets alluded to but never defined? That stuff. I’m working on it. I hope to be able to conquer my “issues”, and to realize some goals. That is hopefully what the future holds.

Daily delights

May 24, 2007

Ahhh, that new blog smell….

This is of course the first entry. I’m still unpacking boxes and decorating the place. It’s still all new and shiny!!!

The goal of this blog is to keep my thoughts in order and to gain some life perspective.

The reality of this blog will probably be a lot of venting and sarcasm; about everything from demoting Pluto as a planet, to cleaning cat puke off the rug. I may also voice some opinions on politics, and equally important, television networks and the way they continuously cancel my favorite shows. Or “re-write” perfectly good ones.

My typing skills and my grammar skills do not always work well together. So please feel free to POLITELY point out obvious errors. Also, please feel free to just talk to me. I will do my best to respond.

This brings us to another reason I am posting this online journal. I am trying to connect to the world and make new friends. Will you be my friend? Not stalker? Promise?

Well thanks for stopping by, I think it’s time I got back to work on this site and finished “moving in”. Hope to talk to you soon!!!


Daily delights

March 29, 2007

March 29th, 2007: Now I have millipedes….*sigh*

Okay, I really have no idea what the heck is going on in my homes “eco-system”. Last week I find a snake in the entry and this week I am being over run by one inch millipedes. I think they are coming in under the front door somehow. I counted over thirty as I vacuumed them up, then an hour later there were at least another thirty! And NO they did not come back out of the damn shop-vac. These were new. And what else you ask? Well the lazy cat gang didn’t care about these either.

This morning, I got up and viola! More damn inch long creepy crawlies. Must go to Home Depot and get door liner, and bug repellent. Fun for me!!!!

Ciao for now.

Daily delights

March 20, 2007

March 20th, 2007: I’m so regular :)


I haven’t been by to relate any thoughts here of late. I have been “there” of late. But anyhow the big news. Last night I came in the house and in the “foyer” I saw, to my total dismay, a snake. Yes, A SNAKE.

Now you would think that with 3 healthy, aggressive, happy, hunting felines in the house it would have been a DEAD SNAKE. It was only 14 inches long, and about a pencil width wide. Baby snake. But no, they had decided Mommy would remove the New Pet. Or they were bored, or so freaking lazy that as long as it wasn’t in their food bowl, no chomping would occur.

So after determing that the snake was ALIVE. I actually reached down to pick it up, it thought and said , “HELL NO” and conveyed this to me via body language and baby “hissssp”. Yes, my snake had a lisp. I decided implements were VERY necessary.

The cats were still not helping and no longer even interested. 2 of 3 had gone back to bed. The third was begging for attention…gah. So I went to the kitchen, very fast and retreived the long tongs and a sticky roll on s stick design to remove cat fur. It’s made of soft rubber so he wouldn’t get any sticky on him, or worse, get stuck to the sticky roll. I tried long the LONG handled sticky roll thing first. Ummm, it didn’t stick. He said “Hissssp”, and proceeded to snake walk across the hallway. Not a good development. So then I looked at the much shorter long tongs and decided I didn’t want to know if he had baby teeth. He kept striking at me before hissssping. I could tell he wasn’t the normal grass snake you find on the lawn all the damn time. He was brown and had little tiny markings. I wasn’t willing to get close enough to investigate the exact pattern.

So then I flipped over the sticky thing because being crafty and all I had fashioned a hanger tip on it so I could hang it up in the broom closet. Any way, we Mr. baby snake and I, attempted to help each other out by balancing on the end of the hanger part. I’d pick him up, he’d fall down (2-3 inches), then he’d hisssp and scooch about 12 inches DIRECTLY AT ME. We were getting further from the door. Not good. So i’d politely poke him towards the door again, and we’d attempt it again. Thump. Hisssp. Scooch. We did this about six times before he decided it was nappy time and curled into the cutest little circles, I then hooked him and moved him over the threshold and out the damn door. Hisssp, and scooch into the house. I tried explaning that he didn’t want to live here, and that I didn’t want him to live here, and that he was damn well going OUT!

He cuddled back into sleep mode. I hooked him again and this time got him 3 feet out the door, I was sure I could out run him into the house. I DID!!!!! And I asked him to please not send his Mommy over to talk to me about it.

Now just so you know, there were NO SNAKES HARMED in this adventure. He was really kinda cute, but I knew he would have been a cat appetizer before sunrise. At least I hoped. But as far as I know, he is now plotting to get back in the house. That was my adventure.

Also, I am now actively looking for snakes in my house. This is very unsettling. Damn lazy cats.


Daily delights

March 8, 2007

March 8th, 2007: Life in my bowl.


I’ve been in my relationship for 21 years. Found out the “cheating” had been going on for 3 years. IT’s hard. You justify go to counseling, try to understand WTF? Then you realize people cheat and it has NOTHING to do with you. You were still there doing and being who you were before they….explored. But the real question is what was the path that lead them to someone else. How did they get to the point of needing a replacement for that part of their life? It was not sexually based, we weren’t either, but I digress. The real end-game question is how invested are you? Can you trust them again, and finally, do you still love them and do you want to work it out? Of course, this assumes the other person wants all of these things as well.

And the cheater being sorry, doesn’t and probably never will even register with the cheatee. There is forgive but never forget. But you also end up learning about communication and how little of it you really do in a long term relationship.

Think about that ladies, you wake up, kiss, shower, go to work, come home, make dinner, “how was your day?”, watch TV, do chores, read, go to sleep. REPEAT, with variations.

Not a lot of talk going on sometimes. And that becomes routine.

This is the bottom-line relationship killer.

Daily delights

March 7, 2007

March 7th, 2007: The day of Reckoning

Saturday March 3, 2007. Dusk. It happened. We are actually on the track to happiness and well-being as a couple after all these many years of turbulence. Now for the next time. Schedules to keep, make, and promises to deliver. Fingers crossed.

Daily delights

December 27, 2006

December 27th, 2006: December 27th….Christmas is gone and the New Year is looming

I’m at work. Working. *gah* I managed to make it into work on every single one of my days off. Except Christmas day and Christmas Eve. I really should leave town when I take time off.

Well I’m working on all the year end stuff that needs to get done. I’m still tracking packages on-line for the NUMEROUS errant packages shipped from un-named large dept stores. So basically, I’m keeping the 12 days of shipping, (I mean of course Christmas), alive and well. Oh JOY. Christmas was good. I got some very entertaining gifts. Mostly the were you really thinking of ME(?!?!?!?) when you bought this item? And the cute stuff, and of course the “allllrriiiggghhhtttyy ttthhheeennnn, Thank you” gifts. Along with 2 tons and 20 different brands of candy. Like my well endowed self needs “food for thought”. *sigh*

On another note I’ve determined that I need to get my finances under control. Time to start reeling in the debt. I’m working on it, but the goal is to pay off at least a third by next New year. I may need a part time job too. Hmmm, already not spending quality time with the other half, this should make things dandy. Maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder. Probably not. I’ll postpone that idea until after I’ve put together a budget plan. And had a tag sale or 5.

Well I should get back to number crunching.

Talk to me later!:)

Daily delights

December 19, 2006

December 19th, 2006: Christmas Shipping…DONE!!!

I’m done packaging items to be shipped for Christmas!!! WooHoo! As soon as UPS picks this last 34lb. box up I’m free to start wrapping for the people who will actually be opening pressies in front of me. I am elated. House is clean, presents are mostly purchased. Some to wrap and I’m good to go! Love not feeling to far behind.

Got Callie back from the vet yesterday. Impacted toe nail. It had grown all the way around and back into her foot. Only my cats would have types of problems. But she’s all fixed and on the meds for any infection and the world is currently being seen through the branches of a very colorful Christmas tree. She has her spot all picked out.

Got all the stocking stuffers today and need to get a few more Kitty crunchy type things but I think X-mas at Chez Cat palace is well under wraps. I’ll make cookies tonight and tomorrow night after my cousin comes into to town. There’s always after dinner. Besides I didn’t have any plans for say 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sleep is HIGHLY over rated.

I’m making an effort to keep my journal up to date. I think in the long run it will help me diffuse a lot of the things bouncing around in my head. Just tryin’ to stay sane…no biggie.

Well love to all.