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Daily delights

March 28, 2006

March 28th, 2006: Tuesday, Oh Bother!

This is gonna be a rough day at work. Big presentation and of course technology is evil magic and therefore its not complete. Crossing my fingers we get more time. Keep it simple and point out the “features”. We can always add more functionality. It’ll be a good thing, it has to be. I think I’m gonna try knitting tonight. I need a nervous habit and XBOX ain’t it.ciao for now.

Daily delights

March 23, 2006

March 23rd, 2006: Just another day in ????!?!?!

Okay, I live in a part of the country were the weather is just NOT reliable. It SNOWED last night and this morning, and around noon it decided that it wanted to be warm and now its like 50-60 degrees outside and oh so perfectly sunny. The only evidence of the freakin’ snow I had to shovel off my vehicle is the VERY LARGE PUDDLE surrounding my parking spot. When I went to lunch it actually had so much water running off it that it looked like someone had a hose on the roof and just left it on. I actually laughed out loud. My truck was piddlin’. I mean it was actually splashing back up from the pavement, wet. All the other well behaved cars in the parking lot were just so dignified in their very dry spots. It was too funny. You may have actually had to be there. I admit to being on mass quantities of caffeine. But it really was funny. Now we are almost off to the bowling alley for league. Let’s see if I can even make my average tonight after shooting my highest game ever last week. No pressure here. Kinda’ bummed I’m having a cheeseburger and crinkle fries for dinner, but there’s always tomorrow night. I’m thinking stuffed pork chops with chutney and green beans. Maybe a starch, corn possibly. Mashed potatoes sounds awful yummy though.I must be hungry. I’m looking forward to TV tonight and spending the evening with my beau. Ciao for now, y’all.P.S. I still haven’t taken the time to figure out the picture/ICON thing yet. I may need to be a paid user?

Daily delights

March 21, 2006

March 21st, 2006: From Daze to Days

I’m having a very rough start this morning. Tired, and have a migraine from the other side. The weather is cold and bleary and I was so looking forward to warm and sunny.Tonight we have our weekly meeting of the minds. Confusion will ensue. I always walk away from these sessions so confused. I used to know what was right, wrong, felt good, felt bad. I never saw myself as an unfocused, undecisive person. I feel like the whole world is being blamed on me and yet they keep telling me that the world doesn’t revolve around me and that I shouldn’t be involved. But I feel like I’m fighting for the right to help others and to take on responsibility in areas that this wasn’t even a question in for me before. I am a big sister, I have duties and resposibilities to my sibs, UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. It didn’t go away when I moved out, the environment just changed. You fight to protect and keep whole your first family. Ugh, I’m already getting myself worked up just trying to figure how to explain to these two what it means to have responsibilities that you cherish.Thumpa, thumpa, goes my head….

Daily delights

March 17, 2006

March 17th, 2006: My highest score Ever!!!!

Last night I bowled a 223!!! My highest score EVER. I was very much elated, and apparently still am. Woo-hoo!!! Yippee, now all I have to do is do it again. My average is only 134. So can you say “fluke”? Whatever. Just had to share my great news.Bill & Joan decided to leave this morning instead of Saturday. SO I guess I won’t be spending any time with them tonight. John and Kay made a wonderful meal of pot roast and veggies for all of us before Eric and I had to bail for bowling. We got there just in time to start. No warm-up. There was an interesting conversation at dinner that was also fairly maudlin. We were all discussing were we were when family members had passed on. Fathers, Mothers, grandparents, friends, etc. I think they are still uncomfortable about my father’s death. He was their brother and the middle child and died at 49. 11 years ago. They are in there 70′s an late 50′s an still doing fine. They don’t know how to discuss the subject around me because “I’m a kid” 37 years old, but I’m a kid. But it went well and no one cried or anything. But then we had to go bowling. I think I was a little edgy about all that. It was stirring around in my brain anyway. Everything was just faintly annoying. Oh well. We have moved on and I have had a “life moment”.**SNAP** 223, getting achievement gifts from the association **snap** Things I hope to remember when I’m a kid in my 90′s.