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April 20, 2006

April 20th, 2006: It has been a while….

It has been a while since I’ve taken a moment to dash off a thought. My thoughts have been mostly happy, but we have the ongoing struggle of work and life to contend with. Relationship: Okay,doing better, actual communication taking place and underlying hostilities are abating. It’s gonna be our 20 year anniversary before I think we are a “real” couple again. Unfreakin’ believable. I don’t feel lost and lonely when there’s no one around but us anymore. I’ve found my independence, it just doesn’t correspond with my preconceived concepts of what it means to be in a relationship. Oh well. I am currently trying to be content in my platonic, amiable, polite relationship. *deep sigh* Tearing down walls takes just as long as building them. SUCKY!!!!Work:Work keeps going with all the usual PITA things going on around me. 2 people quit and its been hectic. Emotions are high, tempers are short, and deadlines are looming. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! I have to go to our other offices tomorrow to do Exit interviews and inventory assets. Did I mention how fun this sounds? But I’m happy we are busy and doing well. Furry Friends:I have three cats. They are verbal, They know words. They especially know, and can say “NO”, and “Hello”. They are neurotic, needy, bitchy, furry, loving, and opinionated.Sissy (15) Sissy was adopted in Southern California with her brother Bubba, from her mother. Bubba has passed on. But Sissy is still with us and fat and happy. She is the smartest cat I’ve ever met. Just my opinion, and yes, my kids would be better than your kids too. She has kept me amused for many, many years. She once brought home a hummingbird, in her mouth with the beak sticking straight out. Through the cat door, she tried to sneak by me and I had to hit her on the back to get her to open her mouth. Poor bird was on me for the next three hours, it finally calmed down enough to see it could leave if it wanted, and flew off into the sunset. Completely unharmed just covered in cat spit. Callie (8?) Callie found me the day after Christmas 2 years ago and begged for help. She came to my back door and said her last Meow for the next 9 months and collapsed. After nursing her back from damn near dead (Actual vet quote “…don’t bother, she won’t make the night”), She’s happy, healthy, furry, and sweet as can be. We think she was our elderly neighbors cat, and when she passed on, Callie was just left to fend for herself. Now she’s pampered.Squeaker (3). Squeaker was so small when I found her! We were coming out of the bowling alley one night (league), it was drizzly, and cold in Sept. Waiting for the engine to warm up,I turned on the headlights in the truck, and saw what I thought was an abandoned beer bottle blink at me. I, being nosy as hell, had to get out and investigate this. I went up to the curb and looked at he beer bottle and next to it was this baby kitten. She’s tortoise shell and she wasn’t bigger than the bottle. She binked, I blinked, I held out my hand and she jumped in it snuggled down, opened her mouth to mew, ( I think, no noise yet.) and purred. So as I’m taking my new “baby” back to the truck, Eric is saying “NO, Put up flyers, someone is missing her, NO….” Yeah that did the trick until he saw her. I put her in his hand, his huge hand, and he put her up to his face to say hello. She stood up kissed his nose, sat down closed her eyes and went to sleep. Guess who’s daddy’s girl now…..