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May 17, 2006

May 17th, 2006: I need a copy of last weeks Charmed episode!!!!!!!

I need to file taxes tomorrowI know this isn’t the best way to remind myself of these things but this seems like it will get them job done until I set-up my e-mail on this laptop.In other news, I was uncommonly happy that the team I wanted to win, Bj & Tyler, won on the amazing race. Go college!!!!! Hippies my tushy. that was just a derogatory remark to psych them out, or up. Too bad the “frat boys” didn’t actually finish school. They might have had rote memorization on zero sleep down pat.Oh well, in other reality based dramas, I thought Terry on Survivor should have won. I hate the fact that Aras and Danielle took first and second, respectively. Danielle screwed Terry every chance she got. And Aras just showed no respect. Ughhh, they can’t all be lazy brats and win. That just sucks. In other TV related news…My brain is on overload this week trying to keep up with all the season and series finales the networks are showing. I missed last weeks episode of Charmed, the second to last episode of all time and I can’t find it anywhere….Help!!!!!! The name of the episode was Kill Billie: Vol. III’ll pay to have it!!! Please even a copy of a copy would be awesome. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!