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Daily delights

June 19, 2006

June 19th, 2006: I got a laptop!!!!

Okay, I mention this because now I think I’ll be a little more regular on the whole posting thing. If anyone was reading this besides me anyway. I probably have to set up some other damn thing so people can respond (as if!)to any of my whiny damn posts. The original purpose for this outlet was to try and calmly sort my thoughts. To basically slow my brain down to my typing speed (haha, I’ve learned to type faster)! We’ve been sooooooo freakin’ busy at work I haven’t given any personal thought to me.

Relationship wise, everything is “Fine”. I’m still confused about some issues but I don’t know how to respond like a normal person anymore. *sigh*Hmmm, just noticed my nails are adding the letter “m” to the front of every word I typed. Crappy doodle. Space bar is too close to the letter. (Okay, nails are too long, but just the thumb nail!) I will adjust and assume the proper typing format.Back to being confused. I think I’m just being reactive to conditioning. That makes sense to me. I am reacting to the way I have been treated and I have conditioned myself to be closed down and protective. Just maintaining status quo. I’m not doing so good with the whole dynamic shift. Its awkward, and too damn slow. Like tectonic plates. I’ll think more on this later.

Ciao for now!

Daily delights

June 9, 2006

June 9th, 2006: I’m not Dead

Hello, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been out and about and just haven’t “journaled”.