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December 27, 2006

December 27th, 2006: December 27th….Christmas is gone and the New Year is looming

I’m at work. Working. *gah* I managed to make it into work on every single one of my days off. Except Christmas day and Christmas Eve. I really should leave town when I take time off.

Well I’m working on all the year end stuff that needs to get done. I’m still tracking packages on-line for the NUMEROUS errant packages shipped from un-named large dept stores. So basically, I’m keeping the 12 days of shipping, (I mean of course Christmas), alive and well. Oh JOY. Christmas was good. I got some very entertaining gifts. Mostly the were you really thinking of ME(?!?!?!?) when you bought this item? And the cute stuff, and of course the “allllrriiiggghhhtttyy ttthhheeennnn, Thank you” gifts. Along with 2 tons and 20 different brands of candy. Like my well endowed self needs “food for thought”. *sigh*

On another note I’ve determined that I need to get my finances under control. Time to start reeling in the debt. I’m working on it, but the goal is to pay off at least a third by next New year. I may need a part time job too. Hmmm, already not spending quality time with the other half, this should make things dandy. Maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder. Probably not. I’ll postpone that idea until after I’ve put together a budget plan. And had a tag sale or 5.

Well I should get back to number crunching.

Talk to me later!:)