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Dating again

March 31, 2008

The thrill of meeting someone new….

If this is a game, then we are on the hunt. That means meeting is akin to the kill. Or does that come later? (bad pun, but you know me….)

I love meeting new people. And so far I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the gentlemen I have met. They out number the cads by a serious ratio. I love talking about everything and nothing and just being with a new person.

Getting a glimpse of the world through their eyes is exciting. I mean you can talk on the phone, or IM until your fingers tingle, but actually, touching, hearing, seeing, and even smelling someone is pretty euphoric.

Now before you start thinking I’m insane (am I too late?), there is the thrill of a new adventure, the possibility of something wonderful, and the expectation of greatness, when you meet. Who doesn’t want to pull up to the restaurant, or coffee shop and see the person of their dreams sitting there….only to realize they ARE waiting for you? And the light of recognition is a thing to behold. The “oh Thank God they aren’t quasi-moto” aspect is always nice too.(You can see it in their eyes …IF you passed muster that is…)

That great first date will set the tone forever…and aren’t first dates great in all their awkwardness? It’s fun, you can either be the person you want them to think you are…or you can be yourself and hope they can deal.

Personally, I like me, I take me everywhere. And sometimes, dates wish I brought someone else. But women are chameleons in their lives too often. I have finally tapped into who I am, and frankly, now you get to meet her, (Wait come back, I’m not THAT scary).

I’m having a wonderful time meeting all of you. I hope your not disappointed, though I know some of you are. Even the worst dates have a unique silver lining. You left the house, you took a chance, and if not this time, then maybe the next time, the person of your dreams might be there…waiting for YOU. If not you got dinner, and crossed another person off the imaginary list of frogs to kiss before you find your prince or princess.

Me? I find royalty in everyone. I love the diverse and the unique, the strange and the sane, the total thrill of the hunt. Even though my arrows are imaginary, my memories will be forever.

Thank you for coming on my safari.

P.S.~ I’m definitely a catch and release girl.

Daily delights

March 28, 2008

Sweetness and Light eminate from my……

Aloha! I have been in a pretty dark place lately and my posts seem to reflect a lot of negative, if constructive, energy. I sorely tried to just get some things off my chest and move on…a brain drain if you will. Sorry if you now think I’m a bitter biddy, I’m not. Really, I’m not!So I have decided to write about some things that are a simple pleasure and delight to me when encountered in the “real world”.

1) When my hair is blowing in the wind and you sweep the loose strands back behind an ear….
2) When you open my door, pull out my chair, or walk on the street side to keep me safe.
3) Your hand casually seeking mine to hold…anywhere, anytime. And the bonus is the thumb rubbing the back of my hand and you aren’t even aware your doing it.
4) Guiding me via your hand on the small of my back, when we are walking, or dancing, or even standing still.
5) Small languid kisses on my neck, and shoulders. Caresses on skin.
6) Gentle deep kisses, while being held in firm, not crushing, embraces.
7) Your smile, and the light in your eyes when you see me.
8) Simultaneous laughter, over anything great or small. Simultaneous wonder at life around us.
9) Teaching me something I didn’t know, show me the art of it. Woodworking, History, Flora, Fauna, and more. If it’s your passion or hobby, or just makes you happy share it with me…
10) Looking into my eyes and not looking away. Intimacy, is in the eyes.
11) Resting my head on your chest/shoulder, listening to your heart beat. Any position.
12) Comfortable silences.
13) Hearing Children laugh, those gut wrenching, laughs.
14) Blowing bubbles in the wind. Watching birds surf the air currents.
15) Eating messy food and letting it run down my chin, neck, and beyond, especially a juicy Mango…Somethings are made for the bathtub.
16) Holding a baby, walking with a toddler unsteady on his or her feet, and walking with a “big kid”, who’s hand barley fits across your palm.
17) Staring at God’s painted skies, watching lightning storms from afar, listening to the rain hit the ground.
18) Making a kitten purr. Or a puppy’s tail wag.

All of these things and more….so many more.

They make me smile, they make me feel cherished, and they are just polite and simple.

Daily delights

March 10, 2008

Spring is almost here….The hives are swarming.

Anticipation is in the air. You can feel the distinct caress of relationships everywhere.

People are smiling, and relaxing and getting friendlier. All in the hope of meeting someone to be with. It’s different from winter dating, where your bundled behind a protective shield of clothing and you can hide your identity behind your jacket. Spring is more exposed. Spring shows its undisguised fangs of desire. Spring wants. It changes the flavor of the conversations to something more riddled with inuendo, and yearnings for more…even just one night.

So I’m saying be alert, the hibernation is over. Put on your best game face and be wary of the “to good to be trues”…they are. The predators are out, and so are the frogs. Make sure you aren’t kissing an evil prince or princess.

Spring is a liar, it lures the flowers into blooming, and then freezes them on the vine.

Keep your jacket on just a little while longer.

With meaning and love….