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Daily delights

June 28, 2009

It’s Summer again…

Wow, just realised that I’ve had so much to say but didn’t want to “put it out there”. So consequently it swirls in your head until you are just chasing all your thoughts all the time. This would not be a productive use of your time. Nor does it help you move forward.

I need to get caught up on… well everything.

1) Job, going swell. Economy nose-dived my first month there…I’m in recovery as is our nation. Doing everything humanly possible to move sales forward. More on the corporate culture of this company later.

2) Relationship, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yup, that sums up my dating life. Actually, If I do this right and get everything in a screenplay format I think I have a comedy here. I know it has been a wonderfully amusing roller coaster of experiences. Oh yes, there will be sharing, and opinions on this soon too.

3) What’s left? TV, great stuff on right now. I won’t plug HBO, Showtime, ABC, CBS, NBC, or the CW. Not even USA, or VH1. But they all have something that I seem to DVR weekly and get amusement from. Of course, I am a bit macabre.

4) Cat doing fine. Need to find a way to de-furball her. Unlike every cat in history who just hocks up a furry lung ball…not her. And she won’t eat ANYTHING but her kibble. No treats, nothing. NOT EVEN TUNA. So getting her through this is a little more difficult.

5) EX, well that’s a whole thing. We are now room mates and that’s fine. No talking about anything relevant, or deeper than…TV. Now I know why I watch so much *sigh*.

6) Family. They are doing well but I just haven’t been talking to them as much as I should. I shall rectify that situation.

It’s interesting what order these came out in. I guess I should work on that. We’ll talk soon Internet. Very soon. I mean seriously, who can afford therapy in this economy!

Happy Sunday!