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December 18, 2006

December 18th, 2006: Christmas Tree Name

04:55 pm:

Oh! I almost forgot…this year the tree has been declared “Guinevere”. Yes, I name ALL my Christmas trees. This year was the first female tree. I’m so happy. Last Year was “Ernest”, before that “Bob”, “Clarence”, “George”, you get the idea. Its a way to give the tree some respect and to bring the holidays that much closer.

Yes, I am probably in serious need of meds. But I think it’s cute so…..there.

Any who, this year the tree is obviously female, she didn’t cost a lot, but she looks great. She has a full skirt and no holes anywhere! Which is truly amazing, because when I picked her out she was all tied up in that plastic fishing net stuff and they broke the top off. I prefer to think of it as she has no part in her hair now. Plus After putting on the lights and all the ornaments, she looks great. No garland, or fancy stuff, just a lot of green. All the ornaments are actually nestled in her branches and she could handle many more. Not minimalist but it looks like it. I will eventually figure how to post pictures. And you can see my beautiful tree. My cats think she’s great.

Again, Happy Holidays.

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