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July 18, 2007

Rocklahoma /Poison in OKC

This is a copy of the letter I sent an on-line aquaintance about my weekend adventures.


A few months ago you told me about this pissant little concert that was gonna come to Oklahoma. The web site was crap, no bands were really up there and it was on a farm in the middle of July, in the middle of nowhere. But there was gonna be Poison and Ratt, and a few other 80′s bands. Oh yeah, it was also gonna be 2 days long.

Here’s what really happened, It rained every day in June and almost every day up to and during the “Rock Festival”. Every Band you had ever heard of in the 80′s that had even a remote connection to Metal or Glam, showed up to play. The headliners went on at 11:30pm and off at 2 am. Those two days initially advertised? Try 4 instead. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All day every day. Every middle aged metal head in a 6 state area got lost in Oklahoma looking for this place. But still they made it somehow. It basically, sold out for all intents and purposes. It Rocked and rolled and there were great gobs of fun to be had. And it was muddy, dirty, loud, and you know, 100% Rockin’.

And If like me you looked to the east and said “Screw that, I’m not getting muddy in 100% humidity, In a field with chiggers, and mosquitos with West Nile virus. I just wanna see Poison, and Ratt. So you say “I’m not driving in the dark to a field in the middle of nowhere at 9:00pm. to get home at four. What you did was instead, the next day went to Oklahoma City and saw Ratt / Poison in the zoo Ampitheatre. But since you are way anal, you got there way early, and realized you were playing bus tag with Cici’s bus all the way from Tulsa to the damn Concert! (This was very cool!) I didn’t know it was them, unmarked bus, UNLIKE Mr. Michaels. So anyway SInce you bought your ticket online that morning over coffee you decide to go ahead and get the VIP ticket for $30 more. What the hell maybe you’ll be able to see better. Besides its gonna be fun, total ticket price $90 something (they charged taxes). So when you got here 2-3 hours early, they give you back/side stage passes, the entire front of the stage and air-conditoned bathrooms and personal bars. You have scored. Your also like 15 feet from the dressing rooms and can chat with all the personnel. It was awesome. I was basically on the stage. They were right there, and we got the best show ever. They stopped and talked to us between bands and were actually personable! Oh yeah, and you saw all the families and the new babies and what can only be called the wet nurses. In six inch-stilletto, thigh high, vinyl boots. They came in 2 colors; original and mud. Long night, great show.

Then you find out from security that after the show the some members of the band are going in town to sign autographas at a bar. Oh yeah, and photos are allowed. Of course, this is the new middle-aged after party. You do still have a 2 hour drive home after the concert and the “after party”. So ofcourse it’s only almost midnight you go to the bar. you meet Brett, take a HORRIBLE cell phone picture with him, and then get a caffeine jolt and hit the road. It’s 1:30am. No problem, 2 hours to home! You get home at 4A.M. you are still too razzed (and cussing the two lane turnpike drivers) to sleep. Dawn, You crash. But you had a great time and will ALWAYS spend the extra $30.00 from now ’til forever. The end.

P.S. And your not even a little embarrassed to tell people you went to the concert.(Alone). :) And no one saw your boobs, dammit, quit asking! :)
That last q? What my ex -other half asked when I got back. Nice.
The funny part was Both Ratt and Poison kept thanking Oklahoma for putting on Rocklahoma, and how they were all grateful. And that we rocked and THEY’D SEE US NEXT YEAR. Also rumors of REALLY big bands that the promoters are trying to recruit. AC/DC anyone?
Remember these bands?

Quiet Riot
Twisted Sister
Faster Pussy CAt
Vince Neil’s new Band (Had to have a least the face man of Motley Crue, represent!)
LA Guns
and More here:

And then there were the side stages.


Please, I couldn’t wait to see the Rock of Love show. It’s too damn funny!!! I already think I’d kill about four of the girls left. Nice that he whacked 11 chicks in the first hour and a half. They gotta slow down or this will only be 3 weeks long!!! Also, another too damn funny one is the Scott baio one. OMG what a whiner!!!!! Oh, poor Scott and Brett, they get too much nookie! Give me a break. I love that Brett is at least upfront about all of it. He’s not gonna pick anyone that won’t give him what he wants. They need to get him so equals though. These chicks are all wanna be slaves.

Well that was my personal adventure somewhat. You told me back then, I’d have to tell you all about it. So Viola’!!!

Anyway Ciao for now.

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