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December 26, 2007

And I named the tree…

Ernestine. Yes, Ernestine. It’s a beautiful tree. I decorated it all by myself, and did the lights and hauled her home, and put her in the stand. And is that a story too.

Only 4 people got to see Ernestine this year though. That’s not very many and she is a beautiful tree. no packages under her skirt anymore, but the lights are still on with all the crystal icicles and the beautiful ornaments. It was a very different Christmas this year than last.

I had many spirits on Christmas eve, and a wonderful friend came over to help me fight off the years remaining demons. I also didn’t have to wake up on Christmas morning alone. Friends are the greatest invention of God’s ever. I was actually terrified of waking up alone on Christmas day. It was one new experience I didn’t want this year. I have had all the new life experiences this year I can handle.

Well more on all later.

Have a Merry, Happy Holiday season.

P.S. Today is Kwanzaa…in case you were wondering…and Christmas is until Jan. 6th….:)

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