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March 10, 2008

Spring is almost here….The hives are swarming.

Anticipation is in the air. You can feel the distinct caress of relationships everywhere.

People are smiling, and relaxing and getting friendlier. All in the hope of meeting someone to be with. It’s different from winter dating, where your bundled behind a protective shield of clothing and you can hide your identity behind your jacket. Spring is more exposed. Spring shows its undisguised fangs of desire. Spring wants. It changes the flavor of the conversations to something more riddled with inuendo, and yearnings for more…even just one night.

So I’m saying be alert, the hibernation is over. Put on your best game face and be wary of the “to good to be trues”…they are. The predators are out, and so are the frogs. Make sure you aren’t kissing an evil prince or princess.

Spring is a liar, it lures the flowers into blooming, and then freezes them on the vine.

Keep your jacket on just a little while longer.

With meaning and love….

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