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March 20, 2007

March 20th, 2007: I’m so regular :)


I haven’t been by to relate any thoughts here of late. I have been “there” of late. But anyhow the big news. Last night I came in the house and in the “foyer” I saw, to my total dismay, a snake. Yes, A SNAKE.

Now you would think that with 3 healthy, aggressive, happy, hunting felines in the house it would have been a DEAD SNAKE. It was only 14 inches long, and about a pencil width wide. Baby snake. But no, they had decided Mommy would remove the New Pet. Or they were bored, or so freaking lazy that as long as it wasn’t in their food bowl, no chomping would occur.

So after determing that the snake was ALIVE. I actually reached down to pick it up, it thought and said , “HELL NO” and conveyed this to me via body language and baby “hissssp”. Yes, my snake had a lisp. I decided implements were VERY necessary.

The cats were still not helping and no longer even interested. 2 of 3 had gone back to bed. The third was begging for attention…gah. So I went to the kitchen, very fast and retreived the long tongs and a sticky roll on s stick design to remove cat fur. It’s made of soft rubber so he wouldn’t get any sticky on him, or worse, get stuck to the sticky roll. I tried long the LONG handled sticky roll thing first. Ummm, it didn’t stick. He said “Hissssp”, and proceeded to snake walk across the hallway. Not a good development. So then I looked at the much shorter long tongs and decided I didn’t want to know if he had baby teeth. He kept striking at me before hissssping. I could tell he wasn’t the normal grass snake you find on the lawn all the damn time. He was brown and had little tiny markings. I wasn’t willing to get close enough to investigate the exact pattern.

So then I flipped over the sticky thing because being crafty and all I had fashioned a hanger tip on it so I could hang it up in the broom closet. Any way, we Mr. baby snake and I, attempted to help each other out by balancing on the end of the hanger part. I’d pick him up, he’d fall down (2-3 inches), then he’d hisssp and scooch about 12 inches DIRECTLY AT ME. We were getting further from the door. Not good. So i’d politely poke him towards the door again, and we’d attempt it again. Thump. Hisssp. Scooch. We did this about six times before he decided it was nappy time and curled into the cutest little circles, I then hooked him and moved him over the threshold and out the damn door. Hisssp, and scooch into the house. I tried explaning that he didn’t want to live here, and that I didn’t want him to live here, and that he was damn well going OUT!

He cuddled back into sleep mode. I hooked him again and this time got him 3 feet out the door, I was sure I could out run him into the house. I DID!!!!! And I asked him to please not send his Mommy over to talk to me about it.

Now just so you know, there were NO SNAKES HARMED in this adventure. He was really kinda cute, but I knew he would have been a cat appetizer before sunrise. At least I hoped. But as far as I know, he is now plotting to get back in the house. That was my adventure.

Also, I am now actively looking for snakes in my house. This is very unsettling. Damn lazy cats.


Daily delights

March 8, 2007

March 8th, 2007: Life in my bowl.


I’ve been in my relationship for 21 years. Found out the “cheating” had been going on for 3 years. IT’s hard. You justify go to counseling, try to understand WTF? Then you realize people cheat and it has NOTHING to do with you. You were still there doing and being who you were before they….explored. But the real question is what was the path that lead them to someone else. How did they get to the point of needing a replacement for that part of their life? It was not sexually based, we weren’t either, but I digress. The real end-game question is how invested are you? Can you trust them again, and finally, do you still love them and do you want to work it out? Of course, this assumes the other person wants all of these things as well.

And the cheater being sorry, doesn’t and probably never will even register with the cheatee. There is forgive but never forget. But you also end up learning about communication and how little of it you really do in a long term relationship.

Think about that ladies, you wake up, kiss, shower, go to work, come home, make dinner, “how was your day?”, watch TV, do chores, read, go to sleep. REPEAT, with variations.

Not a lot of talk going on sometimes. And that becomes routine.

This is the bottom-line relationship killer.

Daily delights

March 7, 2007

March 7th, 2007: The day of Reckoning

Saturday March 3, 2007. Dusk. It happened. We are actually on the track to happiness and well-being as a couple after all these many years of turbulence. Now for the next time. Schedules to keep, make, and promises to deliver. Fingers crossed.

Daily delights

December 27, 2006

December 27th, 2006: December 27th….Christmas is gone and the New Year is looming

I’m at work. Working. *gah* I managed to make it into work on every single one of my days off. Except Christmas day and Christmas Eve. I really should leave town when I take time off.

Well I’m working on all the year end stuff that needs to get done. I’m still tracking packages on-line for the NUMEROUS errant packages shipped from un-named large dept stores. So basically, I’m keeping the 12 days of shipping, (I mean of course Christmas), alive and well. Oh JOY. Christmas was good. I got some very entertaining gifts. Mostly the were you really thinking of ME(?!?!?!?) when you bought this item? And the cute stuff, and of course the “allllrriiiggghhhtttyy ttthhheeennnn, Thank you” gifts. Along with 2 tons and 20 different brands of candy. Like my well endowed self needs “food for thought”. *sigh*

On another note I’ve determined that I need to get my finances under control. Time to start reeling in the debt. I’m working on it, but the goal is to pay off at least a third by next New year. I may need a part time job too. Hmmm, already not spending quality time with the other half, this should make things dandy. Maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder. Probably not. I’ll postpone that idea until after I’ve put together a budget plan. And had a tag sale or 5.

Well I should get back to number crunching.

Talk to me later!:)

Daily delights

December 19, 2006

December 19th, 2006: Christmas Shipping…DONE!!!

I’m done packaging items to be shipped for Christmas!!! WooHoo! As soon as UPS picks this last 34lb. box up I’m free to start wrapping for the people who will actually be opening pressies in front of me. I am elated. House is clean, presents are mostly purchased. Some to wrap and I’m good to go! Love not feeling to far behind.

Got Callie back from the vet yesterday. Impacted toe nail. It had grown all the way around and back into her foot. Only my cats would have types of problems. But she’s all fixed and on the meds for any infection and the world is currently being seen through the branches of a very colorful Christmas tree. She has her spot all picked out.

Got all the stocking stuffers today and need to get a few more Kitty crunchy type things but I think X-mas at Chez Cat palace is well under wraps. I’ll make cookies tonight and tomorrow night after my cousin comes into to town. There’s always after dinner. Besides I didn’t have any plans for say 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sleep is HIGHLY over rated.

I’m making an effort to keep my journal up to date. I think in the long run it will help me diffuse a lot of the things bouncing around in my head. Just tryin’ to stay sane…no biggie.

Well love to all.

Daily delights

December 18, 2006

December 18th, 2006: Christmas Tree Name

04:55 pm:

Oh! I almost forgot…this year the tree has been declared “Guinevere”. Yes, I name ALL my Christmas trees. This year was the first female tree. I’m so happy. Last Year was “Ernest”, before that “Bob”, “Clarence”, “George”, you get the idea. Its a way to give the tree some respect and to bring the holidays that much closer.

Yes, I am probably in serious need of meds. But I think it’s cute so…..there.

Any who, this year the tree is obviously female, she didn’t cost a lot, but she looks great. She has a full skirt and no holes anywhere! Which is truly amazing, because when I picked her out she was all tied up in that plastic fishing net stuff and they broke the top off. I prefer to think of it as she has no part in her hair now. Plus After putting on the lights and all the ornaments, she looks great. No garland, or fancy stuff, just a lot of green. All the ornaments are actually nestled in her branches and she could handle many more. Not minimalist but it looks like it. I will eventually figure how to post pictures. And you can see my beautiful tree. My cats think she’s great.

Again, Happy Holidays.

Daily delights

December 18th, 2006: It’s been a long time…..

12:51 pm:
Wow, I hadn’t realized that it had been so long since I posted to this journal. Not that I’m posting to another journal, I just read a few other peoples posts and apparently forgot to “enlighten” the world with my own damn thoughts. However, I do have to ask am I losin’ my mind? I have recently caught myself actually saying “My friend from the internet….” these are BLOGS I read. I might as well have called Ann Landers and Erma Bombeck “My newspaper friends”. Well with my sanity in question, now I feel I may proceed.

Work— has been cyclic, so busy I can’t see the end of the day or so slow I can count heartbeats. Hired and Fired all the necessary people. We just attract some VERY entertaining people. Need to check references folks. It’s a pain in the butt, until you realize you could have prevented….INSANITY IN YOUR LIFE. I’m just sayin’.

Beau — well we are currently have our ongoing, 20 year, WTF, conversations. Totally thought I wouldn’t be dealing with relationship fundamentals at this point in my life….WRONG.
Lately the phrases du jour are:
“I’m just not attracted to you, but I love you”,
“I’m not sure what “I” want out of “A” relationship”,
“I haven’t really “wanted you that way” since you started gaining weight”,
“I love you so much, I can’t imagine my life without you in it”.

But the rest of the time he’s a normal functioning in society kind of guy. He’s really SO NOT the guy I met 20 years ago, but we all change. Lots of decisions to make. Most of these statements were made under duress…I asked him. And since, we seem to have instilled a “NO LYING, BEATING AROUND THE BUSH, or even soften the blows (save my feelings) policy”, I have managed to retain the “highlights that were etched into MY FREAKIN’ SOUL. I don’t understand the verbal diarrhea he seems to get when I want a normal relationship conversation. Actually, I think he just goes for the jugular to shut me up so he doesn’t have to talk. Which would be wonderful for me, I hate talking every damn thing to death. Just freakin’ DO IT. Okay, enough rant.

Holidays — I have officially had Christmas explode in my living room/house. Crooked Tree decorated and named, check. Boughs of pine on the stairwell then wrapped with lights, check. Stockings on the wall and the mantle, check. Lights on the front windows, check. All figurines, candles, mistletoe, afghans, place-mats, dishware, bathroom linens,check. Holidays cards hung on walls,check. Presents under tree, holiday pillows in guest room, CHECK.CHECK. But have I mailed out all the presents or even the cards…..not so much. Almost done, UPS can hate me tomorrow. SO holidays are right on schedule. I do have to go shopping for the Christmas feasting though, I just can’t decide what to make. Probably a ham and a turkey. *sigh* I must make a decision.

Okay, what’s left? My little darlin’s they are all being perfectly wonderful…more on that later.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. May your holiday be as wonderful as your imagination.

Daily delights

June 19, 2006

June 19th, 2006: I got a laptop!!!!

Okay, I mention this because now I think I’ll be a little more regular on the whole posting thing. If anyone was reading this besides me anyway. I probably have to set up some other damn thing so people can respond (as if!)to any of my whiny damn posts. The original purpose for this outlet was to try and calmly sort my thoughts. To basically slow my brain down to my typing speed (haha, I’ve learned to type faster)! We’ve been sooooooo freakin’ busy at work I haven’t given any personal thought to me.

Relationship wise, everything is “Fine”. I’m still confused about some issues but I don’t know how to respond like a normal person anymore. *sigh*Hmmm, just noticed my nails are adding the letter “m” to the front of every word I typed. Crappy doodle. Space bar is too close to the letter. (Okay, nails are too long, but just the thumb nail!) I will adjust and assume the proper typing format.Back to being confused. I think I’m just being reactive to conditioning. That makes sense to me. I am reacting to the way I have been treated and I have conditioned myself to be closed down and protective. Just maintaining status quo. I’m not doing so good with the whole dynamic shift. Its awkward, and too damn slow. Like tectonic plates. I’ll think more on this later.

Ciao for now!

Daily delights

June 9, 2006

June 9th, 2006: I’m not Dead

Hello, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been out and about and just haven’t “journaled”.

Daily delights

May 17, 2006

May 17th, 2006: I need a copy of last weeks Charmed episode!!!!!!!

I need to file taxes tomorrowI know this isn’t the best way to remind myself of these things but this seems like it will get them job done until I set-up my e-mail on this laptop.In other news, I was uncommonly happy that the team I wanted to win, Bj & Tyler, won on the amazing race. Go college!!!!! Hippies my tushy. that was just a derogatory remark to psych them out, or up. Too bad the “frat boys” didn’t actually finish school. They might have had rote memorization on zero sleep down pat.Oh well, in other reality based dramas, I thought Terry on Survivor should have won. I hate the fact that Aras and Danielle took first and second, respectively. Danielle screwed Terry every chance she got. And Aras just showed no respect. Ughhh, they can’t all be lazy brats and win. That just sucks. In other TV related news…My brain is on overload this week trying to keep up with all the season and series finales the networks are showing. I missed last weeks episode of Charmed, the second to last episode of all time and I can’t find it anywhere….Help!!!!!! The name of the episode was Kill Billie: Vol. III’ll pay to have it!!! Please even a copy of a copy would be awesome. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!